Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Nixdorf Ceramic Alumni Network

So......... while i despise the term "blogging" because of it's connotation with being a bunch of weirdos sitting behind computers gossiping about the coming and goings of other weirdos, generally amounting to nothing more than wasted bandwidth. Not here... not me. I have/foresee a problem that will happen in the near future. I'm going to lose my mind very soon, and will quickly lose touch with many of you. While many of you are creating wonderous things in college, and will hopefully continue beyond, we don't have a forum for sharing. I want to know what you're making, what you're interested in, and what questions you might have. The best thing about the ceramic world is the sense of community and sharing. While I'm trying to conquer the world through the ceramics room here at Warwick, I may need you, and you may need me. This is our place to share, critique, comment, harass, complain, ask, and praise your high school ceramics teacher. We can all help each other, and above all, give me a little glimpse into the creations of your art world. I hope this works.....

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