Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When pots are like socks.

Opening a kiln is often compared to opening a present on Christmas morning. You have hopeful expectations and an anxious excitement to see what the kiln fairy has brought you this fine day. Many times you open the kiln to find exactly what you've always wanted, it's the best present ever! And sometimes you get socks. You pick them up hoping for a hundred dollar bill hidden below, but low and behold, you've got a pair of socks.
Tonight was supposed to give the Christmas presents I've always wanted. Three firings, 10 pots, and my three metal raku cans all lined up ready to give me gifts. Argyle socks, dress socks, sport socks, and the socks I'm sure I'll never be able to match once they go in the dryer for the first time.
It's just the way things go. Even those of us who feel like we have somewhat of a grasp on how to do all this often fall flat on our face. We just normally don't post it on the internet.
The reason for this post isn't to brag that I got some fabulous new socks. I just wanted to try and find some humor in what has been a night of over firings, thin glazes, over and under reductions, and just downright ugly pots. Hooray for clay.

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